Wilhelm Reich on the scapegoat ritual

Are there people in the world who are more open than we are, more free, more “surrendered” to life?  And could there be a part of us that feels threatened by these people and wants to suppress them or even (to put it bluntly) get rid of them?

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

Wilhelm Reich, one of the foremost disciples of Sigmund Freud, after years of working with patients, reported that the answer to these questions is “yes” and “yes”.  He said the more we turn in on ourselves and shrink from life, the more accustomed we become to living an armored life, and the less we want to be around someone who is radiant:

“If you live in a dark cellar too long, you will hate the sunshine.  You may even have lost the power of the eye to tolerate light.  Continue reading

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Ludwig van Beethoven and positive disillusionment

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Beethoven’s music is said to have been at its greatest when his life was at its worst, when everything that was most important to him was being ripped away.

Why is that?  Why wouldn’t his best artistic achievements have been made when he was young, full of optimism and youthful illusions, looking forward to meeting Ms. Right, checking the newspaper each day for signs of impending political utopia, and so on?

Who knows.  But early in life, Beethoven DID seem to have life by the balls: Continue reading

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Addiction and the illusion of control

I’m not an addict, obviously, and I’m sure you’re not either.  We’re much too sophisticated for that — too educated, too experienced, too full of spiritual wisdom.  You and I are on top of things; we’re making our way in the world, having a good time, taking it easy. Addiction is what happens to other people.  Me?  I’m OK!

The Addictive PersonalityBut here’s something that might be of sheerly academic interest on the subject of addiction:

“Over time an addictive personality develops its own way of feeling, thinking, and behaving.  Continue reading

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Sex, love, trust, and Truth

Khajuraho erotic sculpture

Khajuraho erotic sculpture, borrowed from "bailoo". Some rights reserved.

As in other areas of life, my orientation to sex was learned from things like tv, movies, and parents.  When people in the movies are upset with someone they might call them a “dick”, but when it gets really bad, they call them a “cunt” or a “cocksucker”.  So as a child I assumed sex and sex organs must be the most dreadful, shameful things adults could think of.

Eventually I stopped watching so much TV and stumbled across people who talked about sex in more positive terms.  Continue reading

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Science and superstition (and Jung and astrology)

Carl G. Jung

Carl G. Jung, astrologer (1875-1961)

What is science?  What is superstition?  Can “scientists” be superstitious?

To explore these questions lets look at Carl Jung’s work with astrology.  Not everyone knows that the famous Swiss psychiatrist practiced astrology with his patients.  In fact he kept this a secret from his colleagues.

Finally, in 1952 (at age 77, nine years before his death) Jung published a book called “Synchronicity” Continue reading

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Supressed inventions? Nikola Tesla & free energy

Nikola Tesla sitting in his lab

Nikola Tesla, nonchalantly sipping tea or something, next to 100-foot lightning bolts in his lab

Nikola Tesla lived 100 years ago and invented radio communication and the electricity that comes out of your wall sockets.  Everyone knows about those things, of course.  But Tesla also invented devices for manipulating the weather, and (perhaps) means for universal, clean, free energy.

“Nikola Tesla was arguably the greatest inventive genius of the twentieth century, perhaps the greatest at least as far back as Leonardo da Vinci.  Continue reading

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Chi gong and cancer

Ms. Guo Lin

Ms. Guo Lin

My spiritual teacher recommends doing a very simple chi gong practice 10-20 minutes a day, to aid health & well-being.

I often neglect to do it, but reading the following passage made me rethink this.  What follows is a description of how chi gong practice was revived in China in modern times:

“The use of chi gong cancer treatment in (modern) China originated with Ms. Guo Lin, a Chinese traditional painter.  In 1949, she was afflicted with uterine cancer and had it removed by surgery in Shanghai.  The cancer returned in 1960.  This time it had metastasized to the bladder, and she had another operation. Continue reading

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